Post Philly Pre Boston

I'm sitting in a starbucks at Boston downtown, having my first coffee since we've landed in the US. Philly's event last night was a great opening for the roadshow. It felt intimate, there were very interesting people we got to meet and connect with. I especially appreciate reactions to Peula, that every time encourage me that it is important and that there is a need for it everywhere, well, at least also in the states and not only in Israel. This is not trivial, because here in the US there are so many different tools that empower people and help them act in many different forms, such as,,,,,, and more (please comment with more that you know of, i'll ne happy to discover more). Tonight I hope to show also some bubbles outdoors. Tomorrow we're in Toronto, I'm intrigued how -9 C feels, and happy I brought with me all the coats I could find…

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