The Galaxy in the palm of

Today I bought a Samsung Galaxy S. On the 50 min. bus ride home I got to download and use app, listen to KDFC radio from Sun Francisco, talk on Skype, check train schedule online, send text messages with audio recognition, listen to the local news on FM radio, take some pictures, and I even made one phone call. The touchscreen is amazingly sharp and responsive, I didn't miss my BB keyboard.

It is remarkable how everything works so smoothly, I am used to a blackberry Bold 9700, and the Galaxy S is a big leap ahead. And it weighs less then the Bold.

With the Bold, I still felt limited many times. Especially when trying to surf the web or finding apps that existed for the iPhone or Android. The Galaxy S did on this short ride everything I expected without a glitch. Smartphone technology has matured. The difference from my relatively new BBBold is so big, that I believe these devices will be bought in masses to replace current-somewhat-limited-smartphones. It is exciting to see what will happen when most people around us will have a properly working model with no limits in their hands.  Now I'm waiting for Viber for Android.

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